Recipe: Make Lentil Soup easily in 30 minutes, make it easily at home like this!


Soup is the best food in winter to keep the body warm and avoid many health problems. Chicken soup is non-vegetarian good for vegetarians but what for vegetarians? In such a situation, we are going to tell you the recipe for quick and easy lentil soup, which you can make a part of your diet during the winter season. Lentils are a superfood because they are one of the best sources of many important nutrients, including protein. Lentils also contain elements that are effective in keeping the body healthy. Let us tell you the best and easy recipe for lentil soup…

Moong Dal Soup

Apart from protein, these pulses contain fiber and antioxidants. To make this, you need one cup of moong dal, half a cup of finely chopped onion, two cloves of garlic, ginger, one teaspoon of black pepper powder, half a teaspoon of asafoetida, and half a teaspoon desi ghee. To make soup, take a pressure cooker and soak one cup of moong dal in it. Now add chopped onion and ginger-garlic to it. After this add spices. Now add half a spoonful of ghee to the water of the lentils and cook. After this, whistle it for about 8 to 10 minutes. The soup is ready. Serve garnished with green coriander.


Urad and Chana Soup

Ingredients You will need one cup of urad dal, one cup of gram dal, one onion, one tomato, finely chopped ginger, garlic, salt, black pepper, and garam masala powder. Soak urad and chickpeas for about an hour. Cook the dal in a pressure cooker, drain, and let it cool. Then blend in a blender. Then take ghee in a pan and fry a little onion, tomato, and ginger-garlic in it. After this add dal paste with little water. Add garam masala while making soup. Your urad-chana dal soup is ready.

Lentil Soup

For a healthy and delicious winter meal, try lentil soup. For the ingredients, you need one cup of lentils, one cup of spinach, one teaspoon of butter, one teaspoon of salt, black salt, lemon juice, and black pepper. Put the lentils and spinach in a pressure cooker and add a cup of water. Meanwhile, add salt to it. After the whistle, take it out in a bowl and put butter, black pepper, black salt, and lemon juice in it. Cook for some time and your soup is ready.