Recipe- Jaggery paratha is very tasty, it will be ready in minutes!


Consuming jaggery during winter is very beneficial. In winter, many dishes are made with jaggery. That's why today we have brought you the recipe for making jaggery paratha. It gets ready in minutes. Everyone from kids to adults would love to taste it. Let us know how you can make it.


Necessary ingredients

- 2 cups wheat flour

- 3 tsp sesame seeds

- 1 bowl of jaggery

- 3 tsp gram flour

- oil


To make jaggery paratha, first of all, put oil in a pan and add sesame seeds and roast them on a low flame. When the sesame seeds become light golden, grind them coarsely by putting them in a grinder. After this, you also have to roast gram flour. Pour half a teaspoon of oil into the pan, add gram flour and fry while stirring on low flame. Turn off the gas when it turns golden. After preparing gram flour and sesame, crush the jaggery into small pieces.


Now take a pan and put roasted gram flour, sesame seeds, and crushed jaggery in it. Mix them well and prepare pithi. Now put wheat flour in a vessel and mix it by adding some water and a pinch of salt inside it. Knead a soft dough by adding water gradually. Then cover it with a muslin cloth for 10 minutes and keep it to set. After 10 minutes, prepare small balls of dough and roll them slightly. Keep the back of the jaggery on it and roll it. Roll them with light hands. Roast them on a hot griddle on low flame. Serve when it turns golden from both sides.