Recipe: In this way, you can easily make Banana Chips at home, click to know the recipe!


Homemade banana chips are crispy and delicious and are a perfect snack. Plantain chips or green banana chips are very popular in India and you can buy them outside but today we are going to tell you about the recipe to make them at home.



3 bananas raw, 


chili powder

oil for frying



- Heat oil for frying. Peel the banana peel.

- Using a slicer, cut the bananas into thin wafers and drop them directly into the hot oil. Keep it on medium heat while frying.

After a few minutes, flip the chips lightly.

Deep fry till the loud noise stops. Chips tend to stick, so don't put too many chips in the pan at once.

After that take out the chips. When the chips are hot, add salt and chili powder to them. Toss very well and let cool.

Your banana chips are all ready!