Recipe: Garlic pickle is beneficial for health as well as taste


Required Ingredients 

Garlic buds (peeled) – 1/2 kg or 25 Gutthi

Rai (coarsely ground) – 25 grams

Fenugreek (coarsely ground) – One teaspoon

Turmeric powder – One teaspoon Kalonji – One

teaspoon (25 grams)

Fennel – One tsp

Ajwain – tsp

Mustard oil – One bowl

Red chili powder - As per taste

Salt to taste 

Wash the garlic thoroughly with water and put it to dry in the sun, and after drying fill it in a jar.

Now heat oil in a pan on high heat.

After this, add mustard seeds, fennel, fenugreek, and kalonji and let it cook on low flame.

After that add the rest of the spices in it.

Fry the garlic on medium heat till it turns slightly golden. Don't roast garlic as it doesn't taste great for pickling.

Now add spices and salt to the garlic and shake the jar well, so that all the spices stick to the garlic.

Now tie a cotton cloth over the mouth of this jar and keep it in the sun for a week.

Keep in mind that keep stirring the pickle from time to time so that the masala sticks to the whole pickle, and the pickle does not get spoiled.

Take garlic pickle ready, you can eat this pickle with roti, paratha, or rice.

The person who eats garlic regularly does not have any kind of disease. Garlic is as delicious to eat, it is equally nutritious.

Even a small bud of garlic is very beneficial for our body. Garlic contains allicin, which is rich in anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidants.

Garlic is considered very good for the stomach and digestive system.

Garlic contains protein, iron, fat, carbs, and minerals. Apart from this, vitamins A, B, C, and sulfuric acid are found in high amounts.

Garlic is beneficial in problems like blood pressure, healing, and detoxification. It can also be used daily by adding it to food or can also eat garlic pickles.