Recipe : How to make delicious carrot pudding


Gajar Ka Halwa is an Indian dish that is especially liked in winter. Seeing this delicious sweet dish made of carrots, sugar, milk, and dry fruits, anyone's mind will be tempted, today we are going to tell you,

Easy recipe to make delicious Gajar Ka Halwa make Gajar Ka Halwa, you need- Carrot, milk, green cardamom, ghee, sugar, and dry fruits cut into pieces, first peel and grate the carrot well.

After this add cardamom and boil the milk on a low flame, add grated carrots to the pan and stir the curry on a low flame for 10-15 minutes, then mix sugar and milk in it and cook until its color turns red.

After it is cooked well, mix desi ghee and chopped dry fruits in it, your carrot pudding is ready, garnish with dry fruits and serve hot.