Reason for Small Pocket in women's Panties: - Do you know why girls have small pockets in panties?


All the clothes designed for women have a lot to do with fashion. But apart from fashion, many things are also very needy. Talking about women's fashion, from jeans-pants to their undergarments, you will find many styles, but some things are very common in them. Such as small pockets in jeans, bows in bras, and pockets in underwear. Have you ever noticed that there is a small pocket in the underwear of women near the vaginal area?

The logic behind this is related to both design and comfort. So let us tell you today about some facts related to women's underwear which are based on needs beyond fashion. 

After all, why is there a bow in women's panties?

The lower part of any underwear is called a gusset. This is meant to cover the crotch area. It is usually designed in such a way that it takes care of hygiene and absorbency. 

But in women's gusset, another cloth is stitched in such a way that it has a pocket-like shape. There is no stitching in the middle of the gusset area so that there is no problem in movement and at the same time its fabric is also very soft and a cotton cloth is applied here in many underwears like nylon, satin, etc. Even here you will not get stitching, it is only cloth. 

Here another pocket-like cloth is applied so that women can get more freedom-

  • It is more effective in absorbing vaginal discharge.
  • This fabric gives more comfort to the vagina as it is soft and does not cause any kind of friction.
  • The acidic discharge comes out from the vagina of women, due to which the panties become bleached and their color starts changing. It is also applied so that these changes are not visible on the outside and remain in the inner fabric. 
  • This cloth absorbs the extra moisture coming from the vagina.  

Why it is not stitched on both sides? 

Applying an additional cloth proves to be correct, but it may be that this thing is also coming to your mind why it is not stitched from both sides? There are two reasons for this also.  

Many times, if the underwear is made from poor quality material, then this fabric is applied so that the stitching becomes quick and there is no vaginal discomfort.

Secondly, the type of design of women's underwear, in which the vagina should get air, so there should not be too much friction at that place and that area should be dry. If it is sewn on both sides, then it will be more uncomfortable and there will be a risk of infection.  

Which material is used? 

The extra part of this gusset is always covered with cotton or cotton mix cloth. Some brands also use silk mix fabric, but it's always a natural fabric. This is very important for comfort.  

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