Raksha Bandhan Special: Make dry fruits roll this Rakshabandhan, know the recipe here...


Nowadays everyone takes care of their health. If your brother also goes to the gym and takes special care of his biceps. So being a sister, it is your job to take care of her health. To sweeten the mouth of your brother this Rakshabandhan, if you want, you can prepare dry fruit rolls full of sugar-free health. The most important thing is that this sweet is ready quickly without taking much time. So let's know what is the method of making dry fruits roll.


Ingredients for Dry Fruits Roll
A hundred grams of dates, a quarter cup grated coconut, 20-25 almonds, 20-25 cashews, 20-25 pistachios, you can add your favorite dry fruits if you want. Along with one cup raisins finely chopped, one spoon desi ghee, poppy seeds for garnishing, and some pistachios finely chopped for garnishing.

How to make Dry Fruits Roll
First of all, cut the date and separate its seeds. Also finely chop the dates. But if you want, you can also grind the dates lightly in the mixer. Heat the pan on the gas and fry the coconut powder in it on a low flame. Take it out on a plate and roast the almonds. Also, fry cashews and pistachios. Keep all the dry fruits aside. Finely chop all the roasted dry fruits. Chop almonds, cashews, and pistachios and mix them.


Now heat desi ghee in a pan. Add poppy seeds and fry them. When it starts crackling, add dates. Fry it on low flame. Cook till the dates become soft. Add raisins together. Then add all the chopped dry fruits to it. Stir and fry them well. So that it does not stick in the pan. Switch off the gas and take out this mixture on a plate. Spread it evenly over a plate. When it cools down a bit and is touchable with hands, then roll this mixture. After rolling, put poppy seeds and chopped pistachios on top. Make a cylindrical roll and put it in the fridge. When it cools down, cut it into 1 cm pieces. Delicious healthy dry fruits roll is ready.