Rajasthani Dish 'Bati' Recipe: Make Rajasthani traditional dish 'Bati', learn how to make it...


Ingredients for making Baati
Half kg wheat flour, one spoon ghee, one spoon carom seeds, one spoon fennel, sugar, salt as per taste, desi ghee.


How to make bati
To make baati, first sieve the wheat flour. Take the flour to a bowl. Then put desi ghee in it as moyan. Add moyan according to the quantity of flour. Also, add a spoonful of crushed carom seeds. Also, add one spoon of fennel and one spoon of sugar. Also, add salt as per taste. Mix all these things well. Then knead the dough with water.


Knead the dough hard. So that they get cooked easily. Keep the kneaded dough for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then make round balls of this dough. Put these balls in the oven and cook till they become golden. Take it out of the oven occasionally and turn it over. So that the candles do not burn. Take out the bati and serve it with dal and chutney. If there is no oven in the house, then the batis can also be cooked in the tandoor. Or if you want, you can also fry the batis. Frying will change the taste of the batis.