Rainy Weather: Children may have allergies to the Monsoon, Take care of them like this...


Parenting Tips: Allergies are very common in children. The main reason for this is that the children playing in the dust and dirt proves to be one of the main reasons. And the biggest thing is that in these days no more serious symptoms are seen in allergy, and it gets cured very soon.


Some of the main allergies seen in children are as follows.
Seasonal allergies
These days, the dirt and dust in the environment also cause seasonal allergies in children, to get rid of this allergy, you can use anti-histamine, eye drops, allergy shots etc.

Skin allergies
The reason for this is due to the use of some such things by children which do not suit them like preservatives, metals etc. To cure this, apply ice on the affected part of the skin and bathe the child in lukewarm water.

Food allergies
Some children cannot eat everything, so they get allergic by consuming certain food items like eggs, milk, soy etc. To avoid this, only make the child avoid those things which they may be allergic to.


Allergy to pets
Some children are allergic to pets. When children come in contact with animals, the symptoms of allergy are seen. In such a case, it is better to keep the child away from the animal.