Rahu dosha can become the cause of many problems, try these easy remedies to overcome them!


Navagrahas have great importance in our life. According to astrologers, the movement and position of the planets is the main factor in the actions that take place in our lives. The unfavorable position of planets in the horoscope gives rise to planetary defects. Planetary defects cause many problems in the life of a person. Even the ongoing work gets stopped due to some reason or the other. In such a situation, it is very important to remove planetary defects. Here in the scriptures, some special remedies have been given to remove the defects of the planets.

Rahu-Ketu's shadow planet

According to astrologers, Rahu-Ketu is called shadow planets in the horoscope. Rahu dosha causes many obstacles in a person's life. One does not get success even after working hard. There is an atmosphere of tension among the members of the household. You will have to face financial difficulties. Rahu dosha can be removed by the remedies of scripture.


Remedies to remove Rahu Dosha-

Many remedies have been given in the scriptures to remove Rahu Dosha. Rahu dosha is removed by chanting Rahu Mantra 108 times every morning after bath.

The mantra of Rahu is – Om Raahve Namah:

Also, the person who has Rahu dosha in his horoscope should worship Lord Shiva and Narayan. For this, put black sesame in water and offer it on Shivling on Saturday and Monday. This pacifies Rahu and Ketu. Kush should be added to the bath water daily. Then take bath in that water. This removes Rahu dosha from the horoscope.

Feeding sweet bread to a black dog on Wednesday ends Rahu dosha. Offer water to the Pimple tree on Saturday morning and worship the Pimple tree in the evening. Wearing onyx gemstone is auspicious to remove Rahu dosha.