Rahu Gochar 2023: Rahu's zodiac sign will change this year, problems of these 3 zodiac signs may increase


The new year has started, which is going to be very important from the point of view of astrology. In the year 2023, many major planets are going to change their zodiac, out of which Rahu is also one. In the year 2023, Rahu will change the zodiac sign after about 18 months. Whose effect will be on the lives of all the people? According to the calculations of Vedic astrology, Rahu-Ketu will change their sign on 30 October this year. Let me tell you that Rahu has always been considered a retrograde planet. Rahu is entering Pisces from Aries on 30 October. Rahu is considered an inauspicious and sinful planet in astrology. According to astrology, if the effect of Rahu is inauspicious in the horoscope of every person, then the person keeps on facing many kinds of problems. When Rahu is heavy, the work done by the native starts deteriorating and many types of diseases and crises have to be faced. Let's know which people's difficulties are going to increase due to Rahu's zodiac change.

On October 30, 2023, when Rahu will change from Aries to Pisces, then the natives of Aries will not be able to see it well. There will be an increase in problems. Money problems may have to be faced. Due to mental stress, you will not feel like doing any work. Unnecessary debates will start increasing.

Rahu's zodiac change this year will not be good for the people of this zodiac. Economic problems will increase. Many types of problems will have to be tackled together because many problems will come together. There will be a decline in respect. Rahu can mislead your intelligence and discretion. You have to be careful. There is a possibility of a loss of money.

For the people of Capricorn, Rahu's zodiac change in the last months of the year will not be auspicious in any way. Debates can increase. There can be an increase in diseases. You will not like the job because the environment there will be the opposite for you. You will not get much profit in business and you may have to work harder than necessary.