Radish Leaves Juice: Drink the juice of radish leaves in winter, many diseases will stay away!


Many types of green leafy vegetables are available in winter. These are more beneficial for health. By consuming it, you can avoid many diseases. These green leafy vegetables include radish, which is rich in nutrients. Along with radish, its leaves are also a treasure of health. They are rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients. Which protects the body from many diseases. If you include the juice of radish leaves in your winter diet, it helps to avoid many problems occurring in this season. So let's know, the benefits of radish leaf juice.


Helpful for the digestive system

The fiber present in radish leaves helps in keeping the digestive system healthy. If you have digestive problems, you can consume the juice of radish leaves.

Helpful in increasing immunity

According to experts, phosphorus and iron are found in sufficient quantity in radish leaves. Which help in strengthening the immune system. By which you can avoid many diseases.


Beneficial for patients with low blood pressure

The juice of radish leaves is considered beneficial for patients with low blood pressure. The sodium present in it helps to overcome the problem of low blood pressure.

Helpful in reducing weight

If you want to lose weight, radish leaves can prove to be helpful. Weight increases rapidly in the winter season, you can include radish leaf juice in your daily diet.

Make such juice from radish leaves

First, wash the radish leaves. Now cut these leaves. Grind it in the grinder. Add lemon juice, salt, and a pinch of black pepper powder to it.