RO Water Side Effects: If the TDS of your RO water is below 100, there may be many disadvantages..


It is not possible to imagine life without water, everyone knows this. By the way, in today's time, people have started depending on RO to clean the water and drink it. In many metro cities like Delhi, RO is installed in almost every house. Its biggest advantage is that apart from cleaning the water, it also makes it sweet. In most cities, people still get salty water in their homes, but it can be easily made drinkable with RO. There is a technical term attached to this tool of water, which is called TDS. Here we are going to tell you some interesting facts related to TDS.


TDS of water should not be above
In today's time, many scientific techniques are being used to make water pure, but there is a limit to cleaning it. Experts say that if the TDS of water is below 500, then it is potable. But water with more TDS (Total dissolved solids) than this can prove to be harmful to health.

What has WHO said about TDS
According to the reports, the World Health Organization has also set the ideal scale for the technique of cleaning water through RO. According to WHO, the TDS of drinking water should be less than 300 mg. Experts say that if the TDS level is above 900, then it should not be consumed even by mistake.


There are many disadvantages to keeping TDS below 100
RO is needed in every house, but people make the big mistake of keeping TDS below 100 in it. TDS is kept at 65 to 95 in most houses, but due to this many health problems have to be faced. RO sellers sell the product in the name of making the water sweet, but it destroys the essential minerals and minerals of the water. The bones of the body have to bear its biggest loss. After some time, pain starts in the joints or hands and feet. Experts also say that you should keep the TDS level of water at 350.