Queen Elizabeth II: Know how much money will be spent on Elizabeth's funeral


Queen Elizabeth II: 30 years ago, the coffin was made from special wood, it would take 8 people to lift it; Know how much money will be spent on the funeral

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, there has been an atmosphere of mourning across the UK. Know how the funeral will take place-

India's President Draupadi Murmu will visit Britain to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. This information has been given by the Ministry of External Affairs that President Murmu will be on a visit to Britain from 17-19 September, where he will attend the funeral of the Queen and will pay tribute on behalf of the Government of India.

Let us tell you that Queen Elizabeth II of Britain died on 8 September 2022. His funeral will be held on 19 September at Westminster Abbey in London. Earlier on September 11, a chariot carrying the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II came out from Balmoral Castle.

More than three decades old coffin

According to The Times, the coffin that has been made for Queen Elizabeth II; Almost 32 years old. The English oak wood used 3 decades ago to make it is extremely rare in today's time. At present, most coffins are made from the sap of American oak. According to the news agency AFP, this coffin of the Queen is made of glass from all sides. Which will help in preserving the dead body for a long time after it is buried in the tomb as per the royal tradition.

The glass in the coffin will prevent air from entering. Due to this, the scope for moisture to enter inside the coffin remains negligible, although after this the coffin becomes quite heavy. Eight people would be needed to lift it.

How much will the funeral cost?

It is estimated that the cost of the last farewell of the late Queen could be in crores. The Evening Standard estimated that the Queen's funeral could cost Britain billions of dollars, while Al Jazeera said the funeral could cost up to $9 million.

Even before, crores were spent on the royal funeral

In the year 2002, the cost of the funeral of the Queen's mother was about 160 crores in Indian currency. In the year 1997, between Rs 23 crore and Rs, 39 crores were spent on the funeral of Princess Diana.

Worldwide criticism about spending

Some media outlets have criticized the sheer cost of the Queen's funeral, referring to the UK recession and rising prices of necessities. Bloomberg reported that UK energy prices are expected to rise 27% this winter, even after the government capped energy prices. A report in the Guardian says that around 1.3 million people in Britain will be in poverty this winter.

Prince Harry will not be able to attend the funeral wearing his official uniform

Prince Harry will not be allowed to attend any ceremony in military attire after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Duke of Sussex will not be allowed to wear a dress on any of the five customary occasions leading up to the funeral of the late monarch, including the funeral vigil at Key Westminster Hall!

Let us tell you that Harry, a non-working member of the royal family, settled in America in the year 2020, freed from official relationships with his wife Meghan Markle. So they will not be allowed to wear the military uniform.

President Draupadi Murmu's first foreign visit

President of India Draupadi Murmu will attend the state funeral of British Queen Elizabeth. According to the Foreign Ministry, the President will be visiting Britain from 17-19 September and will attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth on 19 September. This will be Draupadi Murmu's first foreign trip after becoming the President.