Punishment for drunk driving: - Know how much alcohol driving can land you in jail

drink and drive

Every year a large number of drunk and driving cases come to the fore. If you drive after drinking alcohol, then because of this you can lose your life. Many people think that if they drive after drinking alcohol and eat mouth freshener, then they can escape from the police, but the traffic police have a special type of machine which is also called a breathalyzer.

With its help, it can be easily detected whether you are driving under the influence of alcohol or not. There are many rules related to this, so let's know about these rules. 

What is the punishment for a drink and drive case?

Let us tell you that if any person in India gets caught in the case of drink and driving, then the traffic police impose section 185 on him. Accordingly, your vehicle is impounded under section 207 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Along with this, the traffic police also collect all the documents of the vehicle with them and present them in court. In this, imprisonment of up to seven months or a fine ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000 can be imposed. 

Know how much alcohol can be used to drive a car

Many cases of drink and drive cases come up every year in India, so one should not drive after drinking alcohol. Let us tell you that if the amount of alcohol content in a person's blood is 0.03 percent i.e. 30 mg in 100 ml, then legal action is not taken against him. Legal action is taken for driving after drinking more than this amount. 

Let us tell you that according to research done at Virginia Tech University, drinking 600 ml of a two-point bottle of beer and 60 ml of whiskey makes part of the blood alcohol content in the body. During this research, researchers found that 9.5 ml of alcohol takes at least 1 hour to get out of the body through urine. That's why you should drive after at least two hours so that you are not intoxicated. 

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