Puja Niyam: Do you also not make such mistakes while worshiping? Know 5 Important Rules!


Everyone worships their favorite deities for good health, freedom from difficulties, relief from stress, mental suffering, and happiness in life. Since ancient times it has been said that worshiping God with a pure heart never goes in vain. When a person remembers the Lord with all his heart, he definitely gets the fruits. Everyone does worship, but very few people know the rules related to it.

It is considered mandatory to follow certain rules while worshiping in Hindu scriptures. It is believed that neglecting these rules while worshiping does not bring positive results in life. Today we are going to tell you about this


5 rules of worship -

1. Asana is mandatory -

Bathing is done before worshiping any deity or deity. After taking a bath, the person sits in front of the Lord with a calm mind. Some people sit on the floor while worshiping. One should never sit on the ground while worshiping. One should always worship while sitting on the seat.

2. First worship of Ganesha -

Whether you worship any deity, first of all, worship Ganesha. Any Havan or auspicious work should also be started by paying obeisance to Shri Ganesh Ji. It is believed that proper results cannot be obtained without worshiping Lord Ganesha.

3. Use Incense -

Incense sticks are used in most homes nowadays. But never use incense sticks during worship. Bamboo sticks are used in incense sticks. The use of bamboo in worship is prohibited in Hindu scriptures, so always use incense sticks in worship.


4. Light -

Some people just light incense sticks during the puja, but this is wrong. It is necessary to light a lamp before worshiping any deity. It is believed that the lamp bears witness to the offerings, incense, and other works offered by us. If you do not light the lamp before the worship, your prayer does not reach God.

5. Playing Conch -

It is considered important to blow the conch shell or bell after the puja. It is believed that blowing the conch purifies the mind and home. Blowing the conch at the end of the puja removes negative energy from the house.