Protein Option: These protein options are best for vegetarians


Like other nutrients, protein is very important for our health. It helps to build muscle. Vegetarians can include many healthy options for protein in their diet.

Soy Milk - People following a vegan diet often include soy milk in their diet. It is an excellent source of protein. Consumption of this milk also helps in reducing weight fast.


Tofu - Tofu is similar to paneer but it is made from soy milk instead of milk. Apart from being delicious, it is also very healthy. It is a low-fat and low-carb-dense protein option.

Soya Chunks - Soya Chunks are used to prepare a variety of dishes. It is popularly consumed in the form of curries and casseroles. It helps in strengthening bones and fast weight loss.


Soya Beans - Soybean pods are consumed by boiling them. Consumption of soya beans helps in controlling bad cholesterol. Soya beans have antioxidant properties. They work to protect against many health-related problems.