Pregnancy healthy diet: Include this vegetable in the diet during pregnancy, weakness will end..


Yam in pregnancy benefits: Many people are confused about whether yam should be eaten during pregnancy or not. Let us tell you that eating this gives many benefits to both the mother and the child. It contains many types of vitamins and apart from this folic acid and potassium are also found in it. Due to this many problems can be avoided during pregnancy and it also helps in developing a healthy baby. Healthy starch is found in it, which helps in the digestion of food. Due to dietary fibre, the problem of constipation is also relieved.


Morning sickness will be affected
During pregnancy, women are most troubled by morning sickness. However, you should not worry too much about this because it is considered a common symptom in pregnancy. Vitamin B6 is found in sweet potatoes, which gives relief from nausea and vomiting.

Protects against cancer
There are many types of nutrients in Jimikand. Antioxidants like vitamin C and beta-carotene are found in them. These things help you to fight against minor illnesses. Apart from this, it also prevents oxidative stress. Due to this cancer is prevented. According to research by NCBI, Jimikand has antioxidant activity, which prevents cancer.


There will be no shortage of blood
Anaemia during pregnancy is considered a very common problem. Blood is deficient in this. In such a situation, you can include yam i.e. sweet potato in your diet because minerals like copper, zinc and iron are found in it. This helps in preventing anaemia and also plays an important role during treatment. Apart from this, folate or folic acid is needed in pregnancy because folic acid will not cause neural tube defects in your baby. Let us tell you that a good amount of folate is found in yam. If you consume it during pregnancy, then you will get a lot of benefits.