Pregnancy Care Tips: What to do when hemoglobin decreases in pregnancy, know how to increase it...


Anemia in pregnancy: There are many complications in the body during becoming a mother. When you are pregnant, there is always the possibility that you may have anemia or anemia. When there is anemia, healthy blood cells are not made. That is, the amount of hemoglobin in the blood cells is greatly reduced. Since hemoglobin carries oxygen to all parts of the body, it is difficult for oxygen to reach various parts of your body and the baby. During pregnancy, the body makes more blood so that the baby can develop. According to WebMD, when there is a deficiency of iron or other nutrients in the body, the production of blood also decreases. During pregnancy, the level of hemoglobin ie HB should be high in women. The hemoglobin level in pregnant women should not be less than 12. If it is less than 11, it means that you have anemia. If not taken care of in time, the health of both mother and child can be at risk.


What are the symptoms of hemoglobin deficiency?

-During pregnancy, if there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the body, then there is most fatigue.

-Feeling nervous and weak.

-Skin, lips, and nails start turning yellow.

-Sometimes dizziness also occurs.


-Sometimes there may be difficulty in breathing, and shortness of breath starts.

-The heartbeat may be rapid.

-Difficulty concentrating on something.