Pregnancy Care Tips: A little carelessness can be risky while taking a bath during pregnancy, keep these things in mind...


Benefits of Bathing during Pregnancy: In pregnancy, women have to take very careful steps in every case. Then whether it is a matter of food, exercise, consumption of medicines, or some habits of daily routine like bathing. Pregnant women especially need to take special precautions during bathing, so that there are no complications or accidents of any kind. Just as it is necessary to take a bath every day, in the same way, taking a bath every day during pregnancy not only keeps the body clean but also relaxes the body. Learn, the benefits of bathing during pregnancy, the right way to bathe, and some safety tips.


Is it safe to take a bath during pregnancy?
Taking a bath during pregnancy is necessary and safe too. This does not cause any problem, rather the physical changes, tension, stress, and fatigue that occur during this time can be removed by taking a bath. According to a report published in Momjunction, pregnant women can safely take a warm bath in every trimester, unless they have any pregnancy-related complications. However, be careful not to raise the core body temperature, especially during the first trimester when the vital organs of the baby begin to develop. Studies say that the body temperature of pregnant women is slightly higher than that of normal women. In this case, taking a hot bath during pregnancy can increase the risk of fainting and dizziness. In such a situation, see that the water is not too hot.

Tips to take a safe bath during pregnancy
-Use warm water around 98.6°F. You can also consult your doctor.
-Do not take bath with hot water for more than 10 minutes.
-Body temperature should be less than 101°F while taking bath.

What types of baths are safe during pregnancy
During pregnancy, a pregnant woman should choose the bathing method she feels most physically comfortable with. You can choose from the following methods of bathing during pregnancy-

Shower: Usually everyone likes to take a bath while standing under the shower. A geyser is installed in the bathroom, so enjoy the shower by heating the water to lukewarm.
Bathtub: If you feel tired while taking a bath while standing, then sit comfortably in the bathtub and take a bath. This will remove body fatigue, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Taking bath with a bucket and mug: If you like to take bath by pouring water on your body from a mug, then you can take bath in this way also. However, you have to bend down, again and again, to get water from the bucket, in such a situation you can take bath sitting on a peedha or a slightly higher post.

Sponge Bath: If you do not like to stand while taking a bath, or you have slight pain in your back, abdomen, or legs, then you can use a wet sponge to clean your body.

Taking a bath by swimming: If you are completely fit, you can enjoy taking a bath while swimming during pregnancy. Swimming during pregnancy has its benefits.


What to avoid
-Do not take a sauna bath
-Steam bath is also dangerous
-Do not take a hot tub bath