Predictions For 2023: Nostradamus has made these frightening predictions for the year 2023, you can also know by clicking!


Nostradamus, a French astrologer who died in 1566, made many predictions before he died, and according to Nostradamus' supporters, about 70% of his predictions came true.

Admirers of Nostradamus allege that he predicted the COVID-19 pandemic. Significantly, Nostradamus also predicted how the world would end.

According to his followers, Nostradamus predicted Hitler, landing on the moon, and the Covid pandemic. Among his dozens of obscure predictions are some that are said to reveal exactly how our planet will end.


Nostradamus made these predictions for 2023:

Mars mission disaster

Elon Musk leads the race to colonize Mars, but Nostradamus predicts a setback this year. According to SpaceX founder Elon Musk, humans could potentially land on Mars by 2029.

However, Nostradamus predicted that the program would end by 2023 without completion.

Cannibals on earth

In an age of rising food prices, the soothsayer has a gloomy prediction for the world. Humans will turn to desperate measures to survive, even cannibalism.

World War III

Nostradamus predicted that the fighting in Ukraine would lead to a wider conflict. It could also apply to the ongoing dispute between China and Taiwan, which threatens to draw the US into a vicious nuclear war. 


New Pope

Nostradamus has predicted that next year a new Pope will be appointed as the successor of Francis. According to the mystical French, Pope Francis will be the last real pope, and which pontiff will succeed him will cause controversy.

Warming of the earth

Nostradamus predicted that temperatures would rise further and sea levels would rise to unprecedented heights.