Potato Chips Recipe: Make lentil chips with evening tea, the taste will be wonderful, know how to make them...


Everyone must have eaten potato chips. But this time make lentil chips with evening tea. Arhar dal made daily is a good source of protein. You can give chips made of lentils to children to eat comfortably. So let's know what is the recipe for making lentil chips.


Ingredients to make Chips from Arhar Dal
One cup pigeon pea, half cup wheat flour, one teaspoon semolina, half teaspoon chaat masala, half teaspoon red chili powder, black pepper powder, salt as per taste, and oil for frying.

Method of making Chips from Arhar Dal
To prepare the chips, soak the pigeon pea for two to three hours. Wash the lentils thoroughly before soaking them. By the way, if you want, soak the pigeon pea the night before. Filter the water in the morning and separate it. When the water gets filtered, put it in the mixer and make it fine. Take out this paste in a vessel and keep it.

Add salt to the dal as per taste. Add crushed black pepper, red chili, wheat flour, and semolina. Knead it well. Keep the kneaded pigeon pea flour for some time. After about an hour, make small balls of dough. Then roll it thinly. Cut it into the desired shape and dry it in the sun.


Keep these chips after drying them in the sun for a day. Just put oil in the pan and fry it till golden. Sprinkle chaat masala on top and serve hot.