Pollution Free Home: All these measures are very effective in keeping the house pollution-free


Pollution Free Home: By breathing in polluted air, not only adults but also children can become victims of many serious diseases. So cleaning the outside air may not be in our hands, but we can keep the air inside the house clean.

Pollution Free Home: Breathing in the pollution spread in the air can cause many health-related problems. Polluted air is not only harmful to the lungs but also affects our nervous system along with the eyes, ears, and skin. That is why it is very important to keep the environment around you clean. It is very difficult to reduce the pollution spread in the air outside, but measures can be taken to keep your home pollution-free. So let's know about this...

1. Use cleaning products wisely: Many types of chemicals are found in the cleaning products found in our homes, which we use to clean kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, and windows. So instead of them, use natural cleaning products, so that the pollution present in the indoor air can be reduced.

2. Vacuum regularly: When you clean the dust off the sofa or play with the pillow, you may notice dust mites in the air. This dust remains in the indoor environment and enters the lungs with the breath. By vacuuming regularly, these dust particles accumulated inside the house can be easily cleaned and reduced.

3. Reduce the use of concentrated candles: Some things, which work to spread beauty and fragrance in our home, also help in increasing pollution, such as scented candles. So use them as much as possible and instead of keeping them lit all the time, use them only in the evening.

4. Seek fresh air: If you live in an area with heavy traffic or near a busy road, do not leave windows and doors open all the time. This can allow toxic gases like nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide to enter your home.

5. Ensure ventilation while cooking: Frying in oil pollutes the air by reaching fine particles and burning of gas stove releases gases like nitrogen dioxide. That is why the kitchen appliances must be ventilated while cooking, or the windows are open so that the polluted air is released, or use mechanical ventilation such as a purifying fan, filters the pollutants.

6. Use an air purifier: A good air purifier is not only capable of filtering out allergens and pollutants as small as PM0.1, but also harmful gases, such as VOCs, nitrogen dioxide, etc. If you are living in it, then it is necessary to keep it in the house.

(Based on a conversation with Muzaffar Izamuddin, Dyson's Design Manager, Environmental Care)