Place Radha-Krishna's picture in this direction of the house, love will increase!


Everyone wants happiness and peace in their life and home. For this, a person works hard day and night one by one. But if you do not work according to Vastu Shastra then all this hard work gets wasted. It is very important to have the correct Vastu in the house. That is, keep in mind which thing should be kept in which direction.


If you are married and want love in your life then put a picture of Radha Krishna in your house. The picture of Radha Krishna is considered very auspicious in Vastu science. Along with this, they are also considered a symbol of love. Many types of Vastu defects are removed by applying the picture of Radha Krishna. But there are certain rules.


By the way, it is believed that the picture of Gods and Goddesses should not be kept in the bedroom. But, according to Vastu, if there is a lack of love in the relationship between husband and wife, then the picture of Radha Krishna should be placed in the bedroom for a happy married life. Never put the picture of Radha Krishna on the main door of the house.

Put a picture of Radha-Krishna on the wall of the bedroom from where the picture is easily visible. If you see this picture when you wake up in the morning, then it is even better.