Pitru paksha 2022: Keep these things in mind while preparing and feeding Shradh food


During Shradh, people often make every effort to get the blessings of their ancestors and adopt some measures. But in order to get the blessings of ancestors, it is important for those people to take care of some things while preparing and feeding the food for Shradh. Today we will tell you what is important to take care of while preparing and feeding the food of Shradh. 

While preparing the food for Shradh, keep these things in mind

It is very important to have Kheer in it while preparing the food for Shradh. Try to have kheer made from cow's milk and not buffalo's milk. Milk, curd, and ghee should be from all three cows in Shradh. Brahmins are satisfied by their consumption, due to which ancestors also get happiness. Apart from this, the gods are also pleased by the consumption of kheer, so the leaders are also offered kheer. 

One should not use onion and garlic while preparing food for Shradh. It is a sattvik food. In such a situation, keep in mind that it is better to stay away from garlic and onion. 

Shradh food should always be prepared without wearing slippers. If you want, you can wear wooden chappals as wood is considered very pure and holy but do not cook sattvik food by wearing leather shoes or chappals. 

While preparing the food for Shradh, keep in mind the direction. One should always cook food facing east and should not cook food facing south.