Pitru Paksha 2022: Why are crows considered so special during Pitru Paksha? Why are they fed food?


Pitru Paksha is of great importance in Hinduism. According to religious beliefs, when a person dies, he assumes the form of Pitru and protects the descendants. These ancestral deities are invoked in Pitru Paksha. This year Pitru Paksha will start on 10th September and will continue till 25th September. Pind Daan is done to the ancestors of Pitru Paksha. If there is Pitra Dosh in your horoscope, then by taking some measures in Pitru Paksha, it will be removed. In Pitru Paksha, it is customary to feed crows to get the blessings of ancestors. It is believed that unless the crow touches the food, it does not reach the ancestors.


From Pind Daan to ancestors, not only in Pitru Paksha but can be done at any time. But Pind Daan done in Pitru Paksha is very important. With this, the ancestors are satisfied and give auspicious blessings to the heirs. Prasad is offered to the crow after donating the pind during Pitru Paksha. According to religious beliefs, crows are considered to be the messengers of Yamraj, the god of death. Therefore, touching that enjoyment by a crow is believed to reach the ancestors. Apart from crows, cows are also fed. According to religious beliefs, 33 crore deities reside in the cow. So by offering naivedya to a cow, the ancestors are satisfied.

Why are crows fed?

According to a legend, Indraputra Jayanta once took the form of a crow and injured Sita's leg. This angered Lord Rama and he used Brahmastra to break his eye. Jayant then apologized to Lord Rama. Then Lord Rama forgave him and granted a boon. Shri Ram told Jayantala that the food given to her by someone on this plane will reach their ancestors. Therefore, feeding crows is considered a very auspicious act. There is a religious belief that the food eaten by crows reaches the ancestors and they give their blessings after being satisfied. Also, if the crow takes naivedya and rubs its beak on the cow's back during the Pitru Paksha, then it is believed that your work will be completed.


Pitra dosha is also removed

Feeding crows in Pitru Paksha not only please the ancestors but can also remove Pitra Dosh from your horoscope. It is believed that if you have Pitra Dosh in your Kundli, then donating Pind in Pitru Paksha and touching a crow gives you freedom from Pitra Dosh. It is also believed that if the crow accepts and swallows the offering placed by you, then Yamraj, the god of death will also be pleased. Apart from this, if crows touch food, then it is also believed that along with Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, Kalsarp Dosh is also removed.