Pitru Paksha 2022: Pitru Paksha starts from today, chanting this gives peace to the souls of ancestors


Internet Desk. Pitru Paksha is very important in the Hindu religion. During this period, tarpan and Shraddha rituals are performed for the satisfaction of the souls of the ancestors. Pitru Paksha has started today and will continue till September 25. 

According to the beliefs of Hinduism, this period marks the arrival of ancestors on earth from Yamaoka. During this, the souls of the ancestors are satisfied by performing Shradh, Tarpan or Pind Daan. If you are giving Jalanjali to the ancestor, then it is auspicious to recite the mantras related to it. 


By the way, there are different mantras for each member of the family. If unable to recite different mantras, then you can chant Pitru Gayatri Path for the peace of soul of your ancestors. Reciting this mantra also gives peace to the souls of ancestors. 


This is Pitru Gayatri Mantra: Om Pitruganaya Vidmahe Jagat Dharini Dhimahi Tanno Pitro Prachodayat.

Devatabhya: Pitrubhyascha Mahayogibhya and Ch. Namah svahaiye svadayai nityameva namo namah.

Aadya-bhutay vidmahe sarva-sevyaya dhimahi. Shiva Shakti formed Pitru-Dev Prachodayat.