Pitru Paksha 2022: In this situation, women can also do Pind Daan, just follow these rules!


This year Pitru Paksha started on Saturday, 10th September. Whatever is done with reverence for the self-satisfaction of ancestors during Pitru Paksha is called Shradh. Shraddha means faith. This year Shradh Karma of ancestors will be from 10th September to 25th September. Shradh is performed according to the date of the ancestors. But the big question is, who should do Shradh, men or women? Today we are going to tell you the answer.


What is Shradh?

Sage Parashar has said that by chanting barley, black sesame, kush, etc., whatever action is performed with devotion according to the place and circumstances, is called Shradh. When ancestors are pleased with Shradh, they bless their descendants with happiness, prosperity, children, etc.

Do women donate?

According to the Garuda Purana, if a person does not have a son, then the women of the family can do Shradh and donate Pind to their father. In such a situation, the daughter, wife, and daughter-in-law can perform Shradh for the father. According to the Garuda Purana, if a daughter performs Shradh for her father with a sincere heart, then the father accepts and blesses her in the absence of a son.


Women should keep these things in mind

Women should wear white and yellow clothes while performing Shradh. According to religious belief, only married women should perform Shradh. Tarpan should not be performed by adding Kush, water, and black sesame seeds. If the date of Shradh is not remembered, then on Navami, perform Shradh for old men and women and on Panchami for children.