Pitru Paksha 2022: If the date is not remembered then on this one day all ancestors can be worshipped!


Hindu mythology says that our ancestors come to earth in Pitru Paksha to bless us and solve our problems. In Hinduism, during Pitru Paksha, everyone remembers their ancestors and performs Pinddaan-Dandadharma for them. Pitru Paksha has started now and will continue till 25 September 2022.

Shradh is performed by offering water to ancestors on any day of Pitru Paksha. It often happens that some people do not remember the date of Pitru Paksha of their ancestors, astrologers tell them what to do in such situations.


Shradh of all ancestors should be done on this day.

According to Hindu scriptures, Shraddha of all ancestors can be included on Amavasya in Pitru Paksha. On this day Shradh can be fulfilled by feeding Brahmins and offering prasad to all the ancestors together. Shradh is performed on the new moon day for all those ancestors whose date is not remembered or whose ancestors' death is unknown and cannot be tracked.

In Hinduism, this day is considered the day of immortality. It is a religious belief that Shradh performed on this day is accepted by all ancestors.


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Apart from this, those things which the ancestors wanted but could not buy, if possible, those things should be bought. Buying them creates an atmosphere of happiness in the house. In the Pitru Paksha, the things dear to the ancestors should also be offered. By doing this one gets the blessings of the ancestors. According to Hindu scriptures, donating sesame, iron, gold, clothes, money and grains, land, and cow in Pitru Paksha is considered beneficial.