Pitru Paksha 2022: Do not do all these things even by forgetting on Pitru Paksha


Pitru Paksha has special significance in Hinduism and during this time people offer prayers to their ancestors. Along with this, they do Pind Daan with full legislation and it is said that by doing so, the souls of the ancestors get peace. If you also want to get peace and blessings from the soul of your ancestors, then you must offer them according to the rules in Pitru Paksha. Let us know when they are starting. Pitru Paksha and what work should be avoided during this time 

When is Pitru Paksha starting in 2022

Every year Pitru Paksha starts from the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month and lasts for 15 days. This time Pitru Paksha will start on 10th September and will end on 25th September. During this, offerings of ancestors and Pind Daan are performed with rituals. In such a situation, people should take special care of some rules. 

Do not do this work in Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha lasts for 15 days and during this time keep in mind that there should be a sattvik atmosphere in the house. One should stay away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol during Pitru Paksha. 

A person performing Shradh should not cut hair and nails for 15 days during Pitru Paksha. Therefore, get all these things done right before the start of Pitru Paksha. 

It is believed that the ancestors come to earth in the form of birds for 15 days in Pitru Paksha. Therefore, even by mistake, no bird should be harassed in the Pitru Paksha. This angers the parents. 

It is forbidden to do any kind of auspicious work during Pitru Paksha and Shradh. During this, marriage, shaving, engagement, and home entry are considered taboo. It is said that for 15 days only the ancestors should be worshiped and served. 

It is also said that people should not consume gourd, cucumber, gram, cumin, and mustard greens during Pitru Paksha.