Pitru Dosha: If there is Pitru Dosha, such problems arise in the house, identify and solve them in time!


It is a religious belief that after the death of a person, if the last rites are not performed according to religious norms, or if a person dies prematurely, the effect of Pitru Dosha will be passed on by many generations, including family members. is borne. According to astrology, if a person has Pitra Dosh in his horoscope, then he has to face many problems in life. Due to the fault of the father, the cycle of problems continues in the family. Some symptoms can be seen in daily life when there is Pitru Dosha. Let us know what problems you have to face due to Pitra Dosh.


If there is Pitra Dosh then these problems come-

Health-related problems- If the health of any family member is poor, Pitru Dosh can occur. The reason for Pitrudosha may be that some members of the family always remain ill despite the treatment.

Frequent Accidents- Due to Pitru Dosha, accidents can happen frequently between people in the house. Along with this, all the auspicious work in the life of a person gets interrupted due to some reason or the other.

Marriage-related problems - Even if any member of the family is not getting married, there can be Pitru Dosh. Apart from this, any person in the family who marries but gets divorced or gets separated due to some reason can also be due to Pitru Dosh.

Lack of child happiness - Due to the inauspicious effect of Pitru Dosha, there is a hindrance to the happiness of children. Apart from this, the child may be weak or disabled.

Discord in the family - Despite being full of wealth and food, a lack of unity in the family is a symptom of Pitru Dosh. Due to Pitra Dosha, there is always a situation of discord in the family, due to which the person remains under mental stress.