Pigeon feather tips and tricks: - Pigeon's 1 feather can rain money, learn easy tricks


 There are many such things in and around our house that we are unaware of. Many times there are some things that we are not even fully aware of that these things lead to positive or negative energy in the house.

Similarly, some birds or things related to them are also beneficial for our life. It is believed that the arrival of these birds can bring happiness to the house. One of such birds is the dove and its feathers.

It is believed that the arrival of a pigeon in the house is auspicious and if you find its feather, then it can make you rich. Actually, by trying some remedies related to pigeon feathers, there is never a shortage of money in your house. Let's know about some easy tricks related to this feather from Life Coach and Astrologer SheetalShapaira.

Why is the arrival of a pigeon in the house auspicious? 

Since ancient times, it is believed that the pigeon carries any message from one place to another. This bird is also considered a messenger of God. Therefore it is believed in astrology that if a pigeon enters your house, then some auspicious message is going to come into your life.

It brings the message of prosperity to your life and makes life happy. If a pigeon lays eggs in your house, then understand that some good news is going to come to your house very soon. 

Pigeon feather tricks 

It is believed that the feather of a pigeon helps in opening the doors of wealth for you. If pigeons leave feathers in your house, then it is their gift to you. You have to keep the wings in the safe of the house in an easy way. Wrap the pigeon's feather in a white or red cloth and wrap the red thread 7 times over the feather keeping in mind Goddess Lakshmi.

Keep the cloth wrapped with this feather in the place of the house where you keep money, such as the vault or cupboard of the house. Keep in mind that you have to keep it in a place where no outsider can ever see it. With this remedy, money will start raining in your house and there will never be any shortage of money. 

Remedies for getting rid of pigeon feather debt 

If you have any kind of debt going on or if your money is stuck for a long time, then you should keep three pigeon wings in different corners of the house. Place a pigeon feather in the southern corner of the living room of the house.

Keep the second feather of the pigeon in the northern corner of the kitchen and if there is a quarrel between husband and wife, then keep the pigeon's feather in the eastern corner of the bedroom. With such a remedy, negative energy will start going away from your life and the money that has been stopped will be returned soon.  

Tricks to get a job with pigeon feathers 

If you are looking for a job, put a feather of a pigeon and a yellow penny with a lump of turmeric in a yellow cloth on Thursday. Keep it in the safe of your house. With this trick, you will get a job soon and if you are in business then you will get definite benefits in that too. 

If you try these easy tricks involving pigeon feathers, then there will never be a shortage of money in your house. 

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