Phulkari dupatta maintenance tips: - Phulkari dupatta will remain like new for years, do the maintenance like this


Punjab is that state of the country, which is not only endowed with food, wealth and natural beauty but the glory of Punjab has also been enhanced by the popular art of Phulkari. Today people in every corner of the country know about this beautiful embroidery. 

This is the reason why women should be of any state or religion; you will find a sari, dupatta or salwar kameez with phulkari work in their wardrobe. This embroidery is so adorable that women get attracted to it. 

Although outfits with phulkari embroidery are very expensive, women still have a dupatta with phulkari work even if they do not have anything. 

In such a situation, if you want to keep the phulkari dupatta as new for years, then you have to pay full attention to their care because if you do not do this, then your expensive phulkari embroidery dupatta will fade quickly and its embroidery thread will also will loosen up. 

How to wash 

  • Never clean a dupatta with Phulkari embroidery in ordinary detergent. Sometimes the dupatta is made of cotton, on which the colour has been dyed. At the same time, cotton threads are used in many dupattas and they are also dyed. In such a situation, if you wash the dupatta with ordinary detergent, then its colour may fade. 
  • Many times the colour of the threads gets lost and gets on the dupatta; this also increases the chances of the dupatta getting damaged. Therefore, always put the dupatta in salt water for 10 minutes and then wash it in a mild detergent. Doing this will not leave the colour of the scarf. 
  • Never scrub a Phulkari dupatta with a washing brush. If you have to rub, then use your hands slowly as this weakens the threads of the scarf. 

How to press 

  • If the dupatta with Phulkari embroidery is of cotton, then only it needs to be pressed. For this, you put a light wet towel over the dupatta and then press on it. Do not keep the press too hot or else the embroidery threads may burn. 
  • If you want, double fold the dupatta and keep it under the mattress lying on the bed for 1 night, by doing this also the folds on the dupatta are reduced. 

How to keep in the wardrobe 

  • Dupattas with Phulkari embroidery would be best if you use paper while folding them and then fold them and keep them inside the wardrobe. By doing this, unwanted crease lines are not visible in the dupatta. 
  • Apart from this, if you are hanging the dupattas on the hanger, then also keep in mind that do not hang more than 3 dupattas on one hanger and make a paper divider between them. This is so that if there is any other type of work along with embroidery on a dupatta, then the threads of the two dupattas do not get stuck or folded. 


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