Phuket Budget Trip: - This time, not Goa and Maldives, visit Phuket for a long vacation and make a budget plan like this


Half of India's population goes to Goa to visit or can go to the Maldives internationally. But why go to the same place over and over again?There are going to be long holidays in August, so why should you visit Thailand. This South East Asian country is very popular for its tropical beaches. A reflection of the beautiful blue sky is visible in the clear sea water everywhere. Beautiful Buddha temples and ancient monuments are here, which you can also be mesmerized by seeing. 

Cities like Karabi, Phuket, and Bangkok in Thailand are very famous and you will not get the experience of all the activities happening here. Sir, when there is a chance and custom, then make a plan here. 

If your problem is budget, then you can easily plan that too. If you come to know about the lump sum of how much and how much it will cost from tickets to stay and travel, then you can easily plan your trip. 

Today in this article we are going to tell you some great tips to plan a budget trip to Phuket city of Thailand. Make your cheap, affordable budget plan by following these tips.

How to book tickets

If you go out somewhere, then you do planning for tickets and travel sometime in advance. Since you will book international flights, you can keep talking to travel agents in advance for that too. Apart from this, if you are booking tickets by yourself, then book your tickets at least 2 to 3 months in advance. 

Delhi to Phuket Flight - Starting at Rs 17000, One-way/Person

Mumbai to Phuket Flight - Starting at Rs 15000, One-way/Person

Book a local stay

Phuket is a good commercial place and for this reason, you will find many homestays, hostels and hotels here. You can spend your holidays at the best homestays by the beach. Here there is a huge gap in prices depending on the area. Therefore, before booking, keep in mind how far the city centre is from your hostel, homestay and hotel. The hostel starts from Rs.1000 on this. Homestays and hostels start from Rs.1700 onwards. Whichever option you are choosing, definitely opt for the facility of breakfast. 

How to ride in Phuket

The best way to get around Phuket is by tuk-tuk, although sometimes you may have to rely on another mode of travel, such as a taxi or rental car. Most of the resort areas are small enough to move around and you can easily move from one place to another. There are beaches, local markets, restaurants etc. around here. The price of a tuk-tuk ride is Rs.217. This price keeps on increasing with the increase of distance. 

Do these activities in Phuket

Enjoy Phi Phi Island Tour, Similan Islands Speed ​​Boat Tour, Simon Cabaret Show, etc. Apart from the Phuket Dolphin Show, enjoy the famous spa massage as well as witness the 140-foot Buddha. Apart from this, there are many other exciting activities that you can do in Phuket. The cost of all these activities will vary. You can also pay attention to their separate package. Like Big Buddha jungle trekking and lunch package will start from around Rs 3000. In this way, after seeing 2-3 packages for your activity, book again. 

Set a food budget

Famous for seafood, this place is very popular among seafood eaters. The average price for a street food meal in Phuket is around 30 baht i.e. 65 rupees. Here you can enjoy dishes like Dumplings, Oyster Omelette, Thai Pancake, and Noodle Soup. Due to the number of Indian restaurants, the food here will be a bit expensive. 

Now if you add all these rough costs, then you can easily enjoy a 2 to 3-day Phuket trip within Rs 50,000.

If you keep these things in mind, then a trip to Phuket can be done within the budget. 

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