Photos : Alligators and crocodiles are seen playing in the sun on the banks of Chambal in Agra, see photos


With the onset of winter in the Pinahat area of ​​the Agra district, alligators and crocodiles in Chambal have started coming out of the river to sunbathe on the islands. Tourists and regional people are reaching the river bank, while the Forest Department employees are monitoring. A large number of protected alligators and crocodiles, turtles, dolphins, and migratory birds can be seen in the Chambal river during the winter season.


In the Chambal Century area, the forest department personnel continuously monitor and take care of aquatic animals and birds. The Chambal river has become a lifeline for crocodiles which have reached an endangered status in the world.


The protection of crocodiles is being done in Chambal since the year 1979, and every year the family of crocodiles is increasing in the river. In the month of June, about 2700 baby crocodiles were released in the Chambal river.