Philips launches sneaker cleaner for the first time in India: Know its price and benefits!


Philips has launched a first-of-its-kind sneaker cleaner in India. The company says that – Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 – helps keep sneakers spotless and crease-free.


Philips Sneaker Cleaner: Price and Availability

The sneaker cleaner GCA1000/60 is priced at Rs 2,595. It comes with a two-year worldwide guarantee. The sneaker cleaner comes in black and yellow color combinations. It is available for purchase exclusively through the Philips Domestic Appliances e-Store.

Philips Sneaker Cleaner: Features and Features

Sneaker Cleaner The GCA1000/60 is a portable handheld sneaker cleaner that promises to make cleaning your sneakers "a smooth, hassle-free and affordable experience". The handheld sneaker cleaner comes with effective bristles and a water resistance head that works at the touch of a button.


There are three different brushes that offer multifunctionality, saving time and effort by adjusting rubbing, and scrubbing. The package includes three brushes - the soft brush - suitable for mash and canvas; the hard brush - for textured rubber or shoe bottoms; And good for PVC, leather, and suede materials.

The sneaker cleaner from Philips has a 500 rpm motor. It further has IPX5 water resistance. Furthermore, the device is cordless and weighs 0.35Kg. The company has included 4x 6V AA batteries, with a promised run time of 80 minutes.