Period Cramps: There is a lot of pain during periods, so use ginger in these 4 ways, and you will get relief!


Pain during menstruation is normal. Women experience different types of pain during menstruation. However, excessive or similar pain can be dangerous. Some women are unable to concentrate on their work due to this. Some have to stay in bed. But with the help of some home remedies, you can get relief from this pain.

One such substance is ginger. Ginger has many health benefits. Ginger can give you a lot of relief during menstruation. Ginger helps reduce the level of prostaglandins, a pain hormone. It also helps fight fatigue and can even regularize menstrual cycles if they are irregular. So let's know how to consume this ginger.


Ginger is called a superfood

Ginger contains all the essential nutrients for good health. It contains potassium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts like a medicine for many diseases. Ginger water can also reduce weight. That's why it is called a superfood.

Calories in 100 g of ginger - 80, fat - 0.8 g, sodium - 13 mg, potassium - 415 mg, carbohydrates - 18 g, dietary fiber - 2 g, sugar - 1.7 g, protein - 1.8 g.

Consume this ginger to reduce menstrual pain

We drink milk tea regularly. When you boil water and tea leaves to make tea. Only after this boil ginger in it. Then mix milk in it. In this way your ginger tea is ready.


Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea: Thinly slice ginger. Then take water in a pan and pour it into it. Add basil leaves to it. Boil for a while. Thus this herbal tea of ​​ginger and basil will give you relief from menstrual pain.

Ginger juice: To make ginger juice, put 1 cup of water in a pan. Add a little ginger and ova to it and boil it for some time. Then filter it and use it when it is slightly warm.

Ginger water: Drinking warm water mixed with ginger and honey can be beneficial. Grind a little ginger in a cup of water and then boil it for 10 minutes. Then turn off the flame and add honey. Drinking this ginger water will give you relief from menstrual cramps.