Peplum top designs: - Make this designer peplum top a place to throw away old Kurti, know-how


Women are very fond of making new clothes, but many women put them in the wardrobe after wearing clothes, kurtas, dresses etc. once or twice. Most women like to wear Kurtis, so new kurtas are included in the wardrobes of women and old kurtas are kept like this in the wardrobe. 

Some women throw away the Kurti or use it to clean something. But now you don't need to do this because today we have brought you peplum top designs from old Kurti, but how? So let us tell you today how you can use the old kurta. 

Designer neck peplum top

You can make a peplum top with a designer neck from your Kurti. For this, you will just need matching thread from the market and accessories to design the neck. However, you can choose the neck design of the peplum Kurti according to your own. 

To make a peplum from Kurti, you leave the top part like this and cut the bottom part and make two parts so that you can make the design of the peplum easily. After this, you can use a separate cloth to design the neck.

Frilled peplum top

If the fabric of your Kurti is printed, then you can design a peplum in it in a frill design. For this, all you have to do is keep the sleeves and neck of the Kurti simple. After this, you cut the bottom part of the Kurti and then choose it like a frock and stitch it. Your Kurti peplum top is ready. 

Designer Sleeves Peplum Top 

If you have a simple Kurti then you can convert it into a designer sleeves peplum top. Yes, it is very easy to make a sleeveless peplum top from Kurti. All you have to do is use the bottom part of the Kurti. After this, cut the sleeves of the Kurti and attach the designer sleeves from the bottom to the Kurti. 

You can keep the middle part of the Kurti plain. Surely this peplum top made from Kurti not only looks great but you can easily wear it in daily wear.  

Apart from these peplum tops, you can also make simple tops from your old Kurti. 

Image Credit- (@Freepik and Amazon) 


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