Pension Plans: Top 5 retirement plans India retirement schemes best term insurance


Pension Plans: Everyone wants that after retirement he can live a relaxed life. For this, you must choose better plans or schemes from now on.

In today's time, people prepare themselves for retirement in advance. If you also want to live a good and worry-free life after retirement, then it is necessary to start preparing retirement funds now. Having insurance is also a way to improve your personal finance. It protects your family from troubles caused by many unforeseen events. If you are the only earning person in the house, then you must have insurance in your name. Explain that there are insurance services to meet the demands of different customers such as insurance providers including life insurance, term insurance, cancer insurance, ULIPs, money-back plans, endowment policies, whole life policies, postal life insurance, and pension plans. Provides a variety of insurance services.

Here we are giving a list of the five best pension plans:

Max Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Plan 

After retirement, you are guaranteed a constant income with many perks thanks to the Max Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Plan. Its monthly minimum premium is Rs 1,000. Under this both single-life annuity and double-life annuity options are available. There are six annuity types available, and four annuity payment options for the pension amount: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

SBI Life Saral Retirement Saver Plan SBI Life Saral Retirement Saver Plan

SBI Life Saral Retirement Saver Plan helps you build a retirement fund and guarantees security for your family's future. SBI Life - Preferred Term Rider is a life insurance option offered by the plan. As per the applicable Indian Income Tax regulations, you can avail of income tax benefits. Recurring Simple Reversionary Bonuses can be availed during the policy term to enhance your retirement wealth. Its various premium payment options are lump sum, monthly, biennial and annual.

LIC New Jeevan Shanti Plan (SBI Life Saral Retirement Saver Plan) 

With LIC New Jeevan Shanti Plan (SBI Life Saral Retirement Saver Plan), you can choose between single life and joint life deferred annuity for a single premium. It is possible to buy this plan both online and offline. Additional death benefits will be paid at the end of each policy month, till the end of the moratorium period. There are four types of annuity modes: Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Yearly. After three months of taking the policy, you can also take a loan on it.

Bajaj Allianz Life Long Life Goal 

Bajaj Allianz Life LongLife Goal Plan is a unit-linked plan. With this, you can get continuous income till the age of 99 years. There are two options for the plan Longlife Goal with the waiver of premium and Longlife Goal without waiver of premium. There are four different investment portfolio options available in it. From the 5th policy year till the 25th policy year, Loyalty Additions are provided every year. Partial withdrawal is allowed after the fifth policy year.

IndiaFirstLife Guaranteed Annuity Plan

IndiaFirstLife Guaranteed Annuity Plan is an annuity pension plan with multiple options. Allows you to customize your retirement coverage to meet your urgent needs. Choose from 12 different annuity options, depending on your needs, to ensure a steady income for the rest of your life. You can increase your annuity amount by using the top-up option. The tax deduction will also be available for the premiums paid.