Parents should not discriminate among children! These are the effects of it


Depression in children

When a parent discriminates against one child, a lot of uncomfortable feelings begin to arise in the mind of the other child. He starts feeling himself away from his family. At the same time, they get surrounded by depression, and sometimes this situation becomes so bad that they stop talking to anyone. They even attempt suicide. Therefore, the tender mind of children should always be taken care of.

Feeling of loneliness

If you focus all your attention on your younger child, then your older child will feel lonely. He will feel that you don't love him anymore. discriminate against him. Whether you have two children or four, never discriminate between anyone. Don't call one good, one bad, or bad. This can put them under stress. Can be surrounded by an inferiority complex. He starts feeling himself away from the family. For you, all your children should be equal.

Discriminating between irritable and bully

children can make a child more irritable and even bullied. He doesn't listen to you and follows his mind. He gets angry very quickly over small things. If tries to stay away from the family, you need to pay attention to the child. If your older child is 5-10 years old and the other is 1-2 years old, then give equal love, and time to both according to their age, so that it does not seem that all your attention is only on the younger child.

Always complaining

If your child always complains that you do not love him, then you need to pay attention to his words. Don't ignore it or even get angry at the child. This creates a wrong feeling in the mind of the child that you love only a brother or a small child.

Impact on studies

When a child has an inferiority complex, then the child becomes helpless from inside and loses his self-confidence. It also directly affects their studies. In such a situation, the performance of the child constantly deteriorates. Also, he does not feel like his studies. Many times parents do not understand this and they feel that the child is making excuses or running away from studies.

Bonding deteriorating

Once the child has got this thing in his mind that you do not love him or you pay less attention to him, then the child starts moving away from you. Due to this, your bonding also starts to deteriorate and if you do not fix it in time, then there can be a big loss. In today's environment, your child can also go astray. You need to handle them with love.