Parents make these mistakes while giving punishment to children, they have a bad effect on their mind


Every parent tries to give good upbringing to their children so that they present a good image in front of everyone by doing decent conduct. There are many children who are mischievous and have fun all the time due to which parents have to punish them. But it is important for parents to understand that what kind of punishment you are giving to the child because their mind is fickle, due to which they can also have a negative effect on them quickly. It has been seen that many times parents make such common mistakes during punishment or anger, which can make children negative, about which we are going to tell you today in this episode. So let's find out...


Use of wrong words
Using the wrong words such as 'I knew you would spoil,' 'You are just as useless as them,' 'Nothing can be right for you'. No child would want to hear you from sentences like this. Instead, the child will start to realize that he or she does not deserve to do anything better.

Not complete
You tell the child not to use the phone for a week as a punishment, but then after two days you give him his phone. This will make the child feel that you are not serious about punishment and he will stop taking your words seriously.

Hope to be perfect
Whenever it comes to parenting, the issue that definitely arises is that the burden of being perfect is placed on the children by their parents. There is no harm in setting big goals for your kids and encouraging them to perform well, but in this case you should also focus on your child's potential. Setting too high goals can hurt children's self-confidence and self-esteem in the long run. Give children goals that will boost their confidence when they meet them. If they are not able to complete due to any reason, then learn something from their failure and motivate them to move forward.

Not being able to understand the right problem
The child should know what he has been punished for. Tell them what the problem really is so that they know what to avoid next time. Whenever you make a rule, make it very clear.


Don't be a punishment
Do not fix any punishment for the child which he finds more enjoyable than punishment. For example, if the child likes to be alone, do not leave him alone in the room as a punishment. Decide the punishment according to the personality of the child.