Parenting Tips: These five things must be said to make friends with children, know here...


Parenting Tips: Parents love their children very much. Worried about the future of the children. At an early age, children are close to their parents and share everything with them, but as children grow older, they become busy with their friends and school, and college. Children stop sharing their things with their parents. Sometimes children hide things from parents or start lying. In such a situation, every parent should make a relationship of friendship with their children. When children start considering their parents as friends, then they share all kinds of things with them. Friendship relationships between children and parents are less likely to lie or hide things. In such a situation, if parents want to be the best friend of their children, then there are some things that they should say to the children. Here are the things that parents can say to children to become friends.


Pay a compliment
Make your child feel special and keep them happy. When you give a little praise to the child, the child becomes happy and starts telling you everything to hear the praise.

Explain on mistakes
Instead of blaming and scolding the child's talk, explain it comfortably. Keep in mind that the child learns from mistakes. When you try to understand the child instead of scolding him for a mistake, he also tries not to make a mistake next time.

Ask permission
Give space to children. Parents should ask permission from children for any of their work. For example, if you want to help your child with some work or come to their room, ask them first. With this, he understands the importance of himself.


Ask trouble
It is better to ask the child if they have any problem than to blame or think for themselves. Is anything bothering them?

Say thank you
Parents often ask children to do odd jobs. Thank the children for doing something. Appreciate the work of children.