Papaya Diet Tips: While eating papaya, stay away from these things, Know what are they..??


Papaya Eating Tips: Everyone knows beneficial papaya is for health. Papaya benefits if there is a problem related to digestion. Papaya is also very useful in keeping your eyesight healthy. Those who are engaged in weight loss efforts, also prefer to eat papaya. Papaya can be eaten directly or can be drunk by making a milkshake. The fat, vitamins, minerals, and other dietary fibers present in it give full health to the body. But it is also very important to take care of what to eat with papaya and what not.


Lemon and papaya
Do not eat lemon and papaya together by mistake. Doing so can increase the risk of anemia. Because this combination lowers the level of hemoglobin. Therefore, never eat papaya by adding lemon juice.

Yogurt and Papaya
There is a difference between the effect of papaya and curd. Papaya is hot while the curd is cold. So do not eat both together. Rather, keep a gap in the food of both.

Orange and papaya
Just like eating lemon with papaya is harmful. In the same way, orange also harms. Both come under the category of citrus fruits, this combination with papaya causes harm.

Tomato and Papaya
A combination of both papaya and tomato together can increase the problem of acidity. Therefore, never eat papaya and tomato together or at the same time.


Kiwi and Papaya
Like lemons and oranges, the taste of kiwi is also sour. That's why never eat kiwi and papaya together.

While eating papaya, it is important to keep in mind that it should not be eaten with any citrus fruit. This is the reason why special attention should be paid to the combination of fruits even while eating fruit chaat.