Paneer Besan Cheela Recipe: Make Tasty Paneer Besan Cheela for breakfast, this is an easy recipe...


It is very easy to make Paneer Besan Chilla. If you have never tried the Paneer Besan Chilla recipe at home, then you can make it easily by following our method. Let's know the simple recipe to make Besan Chilla.


Ingredients for Paneer Besan Chilla
Gram flour – 2 cups
Cheese grater - 2 cups
Green chili - 3-4
Chaat masala - 1 tsp
Ajwain – 1/2 tsp
Green coriander chopped - 2-3 tbsp
oil - as required
salt - as per taste

How to make Paneer Besan Chilla
To make Paneer Besan Chilla for breakfast, first, sift the gram flour in a big bowl. After this, cut finely pieces of green chilies and green coriander and put them in gram flour, and mix them well. After this add celery and chat masala to the gram flour and mix. Now keep adding water little by little and prepare a batter of gram flour. Keep in mind that the gram flour batter should neither be too thick nor too thin.

Now grate the cheese and keep it aside in a vessel. After this, keep a nonstick pan/tawa on a medium flame for heating. When the griddle gets hot, put some oil on it and spread it all around. After this, fill the gram flour batter in a bowl and put it in the center of the griddle. After this, with the help of a bowl, make cheela in a circular motion.


Now put grated cheese on top of the cheela and spread it all around. After this, with the help of a spoon, press the paneer on the cheela and flip the cheela. Then apply oil on the other side and roast. Roast the cheela until it turns golden brown and crisp from both sides. After this, take out the cheela on a plate. Similarly, prepare Paneer Besan Cheela one by one from all the batter. Now serve with Paneer Besan Chilla Chutney.