PF Balance: 1.23 lakhs flew away from the account in the process of checking PF balance, do not make this mistake..


If you are also employed and PF money is deducted from your salary, then you too must be trying different methods to check your PF balance. Sometimes through UMANG App, sometimes through missed calls or sometimes through SMS service. But there is a need to be vigilant while checking PF balance through SMS and missed call, especially since it is very important to verify the number on which you are sending a message or call. Recently, it became very difficult for a person to check their PF balance and this person lost lakhs of rupees. What is the whole matter, let us tell you so that you too can learn from this matter and be alert.


What is the matter?
Recently, a 47-year-old man was duped of Rs 1 lakh 23 thousand by fraudsters. Please tell me that this person is an account officer in a private company this person searched the EPFO ​​Helpline number with the help of Google and this person got the number. According to a report in the Free Press Journal, this was a fake number that was present on the internet as a helpline number. As soon as this person called this number, the person in front asked this victim to download a remote access app. Then what was it that the fraudsters made a total of 1 lakh 23 thousand from this person through 14 different transactions? Looted Rs.

According to the report, this person tried to open the official site of EPFO ​​on his mobile but the site did not load. After this, this person started searching for the PF customer care helpline number on the internet. When this person called on this fake number, the person in front asked to download a remote access app. Not only this, but the victim also shared his 9-digit code with the fraudster who was posing as an officer.

In such a situation, EPFO ​​members are advised not to blindly trust the numbers given on the internet and not share their personal information with anyone. To check the PF balance, use the official site of EPFO, the Umang App of the government or missed call and SMS service number given on the site of EPFO.