Oral health: The sensitivity of teeth increases in winter, not only for children, these dental care tips are also beneficial for elders.


Dental Care Tips: As soon as winter comes, not only do the problems of skin and hair bother us, but the problem of teeth also increases in cold. The sensitivity of the teeth is seen more in winter than in other seasons. Not only this, these pains start troubling us night and night. This is the reason why dentists also recommend taking special care of teeth in winter. If you are also troubled by toothache in winter, then tell that this problem is not only yours.


Dr Scott Tomar (Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health Sciences) of the UIC College of Dentistry says that one should stay away from chocolate or candy in colder weather, as they can increase the problem of cavities in the teeth. He told that it is necessary to keep the mouth moist when the temperature drops. Dr Tomar says that due to repeated visits to hot and cold places in the cold season, the soft tissues of the lining of our mouth dry up, which can become the cause of infection.

Keep away the problem of teeth in winter like this
Drink plenty of water

People reduce drinking water in winter. Not only this but due to dry air, dryness starts increasing inside the mouth. Due to this, the saliva starts decreasing and there is a lack of good bacteria present inside the mouth. In such a situation, there may be a problem of worms in the teeth.

Eat less sweets
Often we like to eat sweet things with hot tea or coffee during this season. But these sweet things attract small bacteria which can cause infection in the teeth and gums.

Clean teeth properly
If your teeth have become sensitive then it would be better to use a sensitive toothbrush and toothpaste. For this, you can use the toothpaste prescribed by the doctor.

Keep checking
To avoid any kind of problems in winter, it would be better to have a checkup with the dentist once.


Keep these things in mind
Keep changing your toothbrush from time to time.
Get your teeth cleaned once a year.
Keep the mouth closed and avoid the entry of air.
Do brush twice a day.