One of the 9 wives decided to divorce, the model husband was shocked to know the reason!


Brazilian model Arthur (Arthur O Urso) is famous for living in the same house with his 9 wives. But now such news has come about this family that their fans are surprised to hear. Because one of Arthur's wives has decided to divorce. After this divorce, Arthur has given his reaction while talking to the media. Find out how he's feeling after the divorce verdict with these photos of Arthur's wives. See pictures...

Arthur had married nine women together last year, although the marriage was not legal as polygamy is illegal in Brazil. Now the news of his divorce from one of them has come to the fore. Speaking to the news agency 'Jam Press', model Arthur said that he was 'saddened and shocked by the woman's decision. 

Married 9 girls to protest


According to the 'New York Post', Arthur, already married to Luana Kajki, made headlines when he decided to live life with eight other women while speaking of free love and protesting against a marriage. Gone. 

Wife named Agatha will be separated


Now, one of his wives, Agatha, has decided to divorce. Because she has started accepting the monopoly relationship with her husband as right. Talking about this, Arthur said, 'She just wanted to keep me with her.' The model said about this divorce. There was no point in this, we have to share everything with the family. I was very sad to hear about the separation. But the reason given by him surprised me more. 


Arthur also said that his other wives felt that Agatha's attitude was wrong and that he accepted the marriage for the thrill and not the real feelings. He said 'I know that I have lost a wife, but I am not going to give her place to anyone at this time.'

Dream of having 10 wives together


According to the Daily Mail, his dream is to have 10 wives together and he hopes to fulfill it soon. The young model said that he loves each of his wives equally.