Ombre lips: - Ombre lips look very gorgeous, know how to do it


Almost all women like to wear makeup. For this, she tries different types of makeup products every day. Let us tell you that nowadays women are seen liking ombre lips a lot. 

Ombre lips are a kind of illusion which is created by makeup.

So today we will tell you how you can give an ombre effect to your lips and look very beautiful.

Let us know how to do ombre lip and know why it is used.

Ombre Lips Benefits

  • For those whose lips are small or thin, women often like to try ombre lips.
  • By doing this, an illusion is created through the makeup on the lips, due to which the lips start appearing very pouty.
  • Many women's lips try this effect on only one lip. 
  • This is because many women have less lip size on top or only below, due to which they try the ombre lip effect.

How to do Ombre Lips

  • First, outline the lips with the help of a lip pencil. 
  • For this, you can use any dark colour lip pencil.
  • After this, you blend this outline inwards. 
  • You can use a lipstick brush for this. 
  • After doing this, blend the colour one more time with the help of your fingers. 
  • Doing this will put the extra product on your finger. Also, the finishing will look good in the end.
  • After this, apply nude-coloured lipstick in the centre of the lips and blend it well with the help of your fingers.
  • By doing this, all the lipstick colours will start blending and the lip effect will not be spoiled due to the extra product. Also, there will be chances of making mistakes. 
  • You can use lip gloss for finishing.
  • Keep in mind that you do these steps on both the top and bottom lip simultaneously, otherwise, both the lips will start appearing separately.
  • Your whole look will also look bad.


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