Old Banarasi Saree Fashion Tips: - These designer dupattas can be made from Mummy's old Banarasi saree, know-how


Women are fond of not only wearing sarees but also buying sarees. That's why whenever she goes to buy her outfits, women buy a new sari. However, the selection of sarees is done by women according to their choice, like many women are fond of wearing simple sarees, while some women are fond of wearing and making Banarasi, Chanderi or South Indian silk sarees etc. But due to the constant change in fashion and buying new sarees, women keep them in the wardrobe only after wearing sarees once or twice, especially Banarasi sarees. 

But do you know that you can make many beautiful things from your own or your mother's old sari? But it would be better if you can prepare many types of designer dupattas from your mother's old saree. So let us tell you today how you can make your old Banarasi saree into a dupatta.

Prepare a Belted Dupatta

If your saree is 2 meters or longer, you can use your old Banarasi saree to make a dupatta because nowadays there are a lot of trends to wear heavy and designer dupatta on a plain suit. You can keep the length of the sari according to you and make it ready by putting a bell or frill on its border. 

Make classy with glass  

Many women do not like to wear their old saree, due to which their saree is kept in such wardrobe and after some time when it becomes old, throw it away. But you don't do that because you can also carry your old Banarasi saree as a dupatta. However, you can also add glass or net vines to make it classy. You will easily find many types of designs in the market, which you can prepare according to your own. 


Design dupatta with plain fabric and Banarasi border 

Also, if you do not want to make a dupatta out of your old saree, you can use a Banarasi saree as a border on plain cloth. Yes, this will not only make your dupatta look classy but your saree will also be used. To make this, you just take out an old sari from your wardrobe and cut it and then seal its border. 

Make Dupatta from Heavy Bell 


You can make designer and heavy dupatta from old saree because nowadays there are a lot of trends to wear a heavy bell and designer Banarasi dupattaFor this, you have to cut your saree and put a heavy and expensive vine on its border. You can easily wear it with different Kurtis.

Along with this, you can try something different and innovative like you can make necklaces, clutches, bracelets, bundles etc. accessories from your old saree. You can take fancy accessories made of saree with you to any function etc. A bracelet or necklace made from it can also be worn in your day-to-day life.

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