Office Tips: If you start sleeping while working in the office, then follow these methods to keep your eyes open


Office Tips To Avoid Daytime Sleep: Summer has arrived. In this season, most office workers complain that they get sleepy in between work. Employees feel sleepy in the afternoon, especially after lunch time. Eyes start getting heavy. In such a situation, the work of the employees is also disturbed. One of the reasons for falling asleep between work in the office can be working continuously while sitting. Due to this the body becomes lethargic and the employee starts yawning. Many times you are doing some important work on your desktop or laptop, in the meantime your eyelids start getting heavy. Feels like sleeping but somehow you try to open your heavy eyelids and concentrate on work. Often you are seen by seniors or bosses while sleeping, due to which you can also get scolded. In such a situation, if you are troubled by falling asleep between work in the office, then by adopting these measures, you can drive away sleep in minutes.


Eat less food
People who eat heavy food in lunch, they start getting more sleep after lunch. So eat light food in lunch. This removes the problem of sleep. Apart from this, eating sweets after eating also makes you sleepy. So if you like to eat sweets in lunch, then give up sweets.

Walk for a while
The body becomes lethargic due to continuous work sitting in one place. Feeling tired, due to which sleep starts. Therefore, taking time out in the middle of work should also take a walk for some time. According to research conducted in a Canadian university, every hour a person should stand for about 15 minutes. In such a situation, take time out from work and stand for some time. If you get a chance, you should walk for 10-15 minutes.

Desk stretching
To remove the lethargy of the body, you can also do desk stretching while sitting on a chair. Stretching the dress makes the muscles flexible. Blood flow is created in the body and the body is energized. With this your food will be digested and you will not feel tired.


Tea-coffee consumption
Although excessive consumption of tea or coffee can be harmful for health, but if done in moderation, there are many benefits too. Drink tea or coffee when you fall asleep between work in the office. Both are used to drive away sleep.